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UK iZettle (now Zettle) Mobile Card Reader Available at Promotional Prices

* Promotional price available for new Zettle customers only

Enter your Details to Register for the Promotion & Receive Your Card Reader Directly from Zettle within 1 to 2 Working Days:

Promotion only available to New Zettle customers

iZettle (Zettle) UK Mobile Card Machine at Card Pay Accept Discounted Rates

Quick Online Set-Up Process (Sign up in minutes). No paperwork. Perfect for small UK businesses wanting to accept Credit / Debit Card Payments or to test the benefits with the Zettle mobile card machine connected to the free Zettle Go POS app for your smartphone or tablet

No fixed contracts to lock you into. Just a one-off Card Pay Accept promotional Zettle card reader fee of £29 £19 +VAT*

Zettle Go Free App for Smartphone and Tablet
How does the iZettle (Zettle) Mobile Card Machine Work?

When you run your own business, the key to success is to keeping those customer lines moving and to ensure you get paid quickly. With the Zettle mobile card reader, you can do both of these quickly & easily.

Turn your phone or tablet into a point-of-sale system, fully mobile and super stylish.

This portable point-of-sale mobile card machine lets you go where your customers are and look good doing it, accept credit cards, contactless Apple & Android payments in just five seconds.

In addition, the Zettle Go app gives you the ability to send your customers a payment link, called Pay by Link or to send an Invoice with a pay button so they can pay you quickly by card. Whatsmore, you receive your funds within 48 hours. So no waiting 30 days or more for an invoice to be paid!

You can also sell gift cards for your business right from your Zettle app.

Every sale you make, whether it’s cash card or invoice, is processed and tracked so we can create smart reports to tell you how much you’re earning, what products are selling and when inventory is running low, you can even send digital receipts and make refunds all in the Zettle Go app.

So when your lines are out the doors and they will be you can take contactless or chip & pin card payments in under 10 seconds. Use the Zettle reports feature for a better view of your business and your money will be deposited usually the very next day (48 hours maximum).

Zettle – gives you the tools to build your business. Take it even further with an ever-increasing list of integrations such as with your bank account or accounts package (see Integrations section for more details!)

iZettle (Zettle) Integrations!

Accounting Integration:

Zettle lets you integrate directly with Quickbooks or Xero acccounting packages

QuickBooks Zettle Integration

Xero Zettle Integration

Automated accuracy

Video Testimonials by UK Businesses using Zettle Card Machines to Accept Card Payments – Please note iZettle has now re-branded to Zettle by PayPal

Why Zettle by PayPal as a Mobile Card Machine Solution for your business?

No Paperwork

100% Online Sign-Up

Order & receive directly from Zettle using our Card Pay Accept Promotional Rate Links

No Monthly Fees

Only 1.75% Per Transaction or 2.5% for Pay by Link or Pay by Invoice

One Fee Per Transaction, Any Card Type

Connect to your smartphone or tablet with the powerful free Zettle Go POS app

Zettle Mobile Card machine

Accept Contactless, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Chip & Pin Cards

Less than 5 seconds to transact a Contactless payment & under 10 seconds for a Chip and Pin payment

Zettle - The Simple Way to Take Card Payments

Accept all Debit & Credit Cards In-Store or On the Go

Set-Up fast via Zettle Go App  & sell straight-away

All-day battery



Zettle Mobile Card Reader



Zettle Mobile Card Reader

Commitment Free & Affordable

With pay-as-you-go pricing, there are no fixed costs and no binding contracts. Only pay when you make a transaction

Delivery in 1-2 days. Start taking payments straight-away with a free 12-month warranty from Zettle

Expand to the Zettle EPOS system and add hardware like a bar code reader and cash register


Zettle Mobile Card Machine

With Zettle, your business can get paid in-store, online and on-the-go or wherever your business takes you

Use it at the point of sale or take it wherever you need it. Connect to your Smart Phone and /or tablet to the Zettle Go App. Build a product library with photos

E-Commerce and online store integrations

Daily reports for sales and staff performance monitoring

Receive your payments into your UK bank account within 48 hours

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Your Zettle device is ready to accept payments out of the box. Sign up online in under 5 minutes. No paperwork required

  1. Sign up to register your business
  2. Purchase the Zettle card reader for just £19 + VAT
  3. Download the Zettle Go app
  4. Pair your smartphone or tablet with a Reader 2 to get selling
  5. Print (with a Bluetooth Printer) or email receipts
  6. Zettle deposit your earnings within 24 to 48 hours

Not Just Accepting Card Payments

Accept all major card schemes including Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Union Pay, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Sell and accept gift cards. Send online invoices

You can also manage and track your transactions from the Zettle Go App which you can access via a browser, smart phone or tablet.

Integrate with Quick Books or Xero. Downloadable CSV file for integration with other accounting packages

Watch the video to see how the brilliant Zettle Mobile Card Reader 2 can work for your business

Zettle by PayPal logo

Accounting Integrations

Quickbooks Zettle Integration
CSV File Zettle Integration
Xero Zettle Integration

Import your daily sales, fees as well your card & cash payments data into Xero, Quickbooks or any accounting software with a downloadable CSV file – meaning no maual inputting mistakes and less time spent on admin

It’s quick and simple to set up – see the video guide below. Once you’ve connected your account, Zettle automatically imports your data into your integrated accounting package

Use accounting integration whether you’re using the Zettle POS or a partners POS

iZettle (Zettle) Card Reader 2

£29 + VAT

Order here for £19 + VAT

No Monthly Fees or Lock-In Contract

1.75% Transaction Fee

Invoice Instantly with Zettle Go App


Create and send professional online invoices in seconds

  • Use templates from Zettle
  • Receive payments securely
  • Payments received within 24/48 hours
  • Set-up automated reminders
  • Activate Invoice payments in your Zettle Go app and you’re ready to start sending invoices with Zettle

Invoice in advance and track every payment

  • Use Zettle’s free invoice templates and your business information is automatically added such as VAT number
  • Track every invoice sent via Zettle
  • Once an invoice is paid Zettle automatically marks it as paid

Invoice in advance and receive payments faster

  • Improve your cash flow by receiving payments earlier
  • No more waiting for bank transfers
  • Zettle invoice payments charged at 2.5% transaction rate
  • Invoice payments available for free as part of the Zettle card reader and Zettle Go app

iZettle (Zettle) Card Reader 2

£29 + VAT

Order here for £19 + VAT

No Monthly Fees or Lock-In Contract

1.75% Transaction Fee

How to set-up your iZettle (Zettle) Card Reader – Video Guide

EPOS Storekit Zettle by PayPal Heckler Bundle
Zettle Card Machine Credit Card Logos

Zettle POS StoreKit

Also available for a one-off upfront fee or spread the cost over 24/36 months. iPad, Ipad stand, cash drawer, bluetooth printer, Zettle Card Reader 2, charging dock, 20 receipt rolls or bespoke to your specific requirements.

Only cost is for the hardware. Use with the free iZettle (now Zettle) Go POS app or integrate with most popular POS systems on the market

Looking for a card payment solutions for higher transaction volumes?


If your business takes larger volumes of credit / debit card payments then you may benefit from an independent review of your requirements. We can look at lower rates with your mobile card reader or can analyse whether signing up for a standard credit card machine is the better option for your business

Card Pay Accept is an independent card payment consultancy and we can undertake a free review and suggest the best options for your review

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements that are the most appropriate for your business to accept card payments


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